Invited Speaker
Dr. Hamed Taherdoost

Dr. Hamed Taherdoost

University Canada West, Vancouver, Canada
HamTa Group | Hamta Business Corporation
Speech Title: Information Security Awareness to Facilitate Digital Transformation

Abstract: The world is gone digital and more businesses are shifting to digital versions day in day out. Today, concentration on digital transformation seems to be a must for businesses to stay in the tough competition. As the pace of changes in the digital world is accelerated apparently, the appeal to shift from traditional platforms to digital ones is also increasing dramatically. As most of the businesses are harmonized with the digital transformation flux, potential vulnerabilities due to digitalization of systems have broadened as well.

Information security is an indispensable element of systems since it is directly correlated with the experience of the end-user. Thus, it is impossible to accomplish digital transformation objectives without regarding information security considerations. The risk of Cyber attacks and unauthorized access to valuable information are considered as typical threats that many businesses may face through digital transformation. As human-beings are end-users of systems and therefore play vital roles in information security systems, raising users' awareness through running information security awareness programs is an essential approach to avoid or neutralize the possibility of unwanted security consequences that may occur during transforming systems digitally.

Biography: Hamed Taherdoost is an award-winning leader and R&D professional. He is the founder of Hamta Group, Vancouver, Canada. He holds PhD of Computer Science from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. With over 20 years of experience in both industry and academic sectors, he has established himself as an industry leader in the field of Management of Technology and Information System. Throughout his career, he has been highly involved in development of several important projects in different industries as a project manager, R&D manager, and team leader.

Apart from his experience in industry, he also has numerous achievements in the academic environment. He has been working with researchers from various disciplines and has been actively engaged in different research studies. His views on science and technology has been published in top-ranked scientific publishers such as Elsevier, Springer, Emerald, IEEE, IGI Global, Inderscience, Taylor and Francis and he has published over 120 scientific articles in authentic peer-reviewed international journals and conference proceedings, seven book chapters as well as six books in the field of technology and research methodology. His research achievements also include winning several best paper awards and outstanding reviewer awards. He was lecturer in PNU and IAU Universities. Beside on lectureship positions, he was researcher at IAU for over 8 years, R&D Manager and Academic Program Manager of Research Club, MDTH and Hamta Academy, Malaysia, and is Advisory Board of Cambridge Scholars Publishing, UK, Advisor of STRA, Scientific Board of NASS, Singapore, Mentor at Publons Academy and Futurpreneur Canada.

Moreover, he is the editorial, reviewer & advisory board member of many scientific peer-reviewed journals, and has served as editor of book & proceedings for prestigious publishers. He has been a Technical Program Committee, Scientific Committee, and Organizing Committee of many international conferences& has organized and chaired numerous conferences and conference sessions respectively & has delivered speeches as chief guest & keynote speaker.

He is Senior Member of IAEEEE, IEEE, IASED, & IEDRC, Working group member of IFIP TC 11 - Information Security Management, Professional Member of IFERP and Member of CSIAC, ACT-IAC and many other professional bodies. He is Certified Graduate Technologist, PMI Risk Management Professional, Project Management Professional, CIS, CAPM, CEH, CISA, CISM, CHP, CCNA and Certified Cyber Security Technologists.